Training to Yahsat, the UAE Armed Forces and Paradigm, 2010-2012.

Over a period of two and a half years LSE Space teams from Germany, UK and the UAE have delivered more than 900 days of training to Yahsat, the UAE Armed Forces and Paradigm (a subsidiary of Astrium Services). The project came to an end in November 2012.
During this time, a wide scope of training was delivered including topics such as TT&C Ground Stations, Network Control Centre, Service Fulfillment, Service Assurance, Satellite Ground Terminals, Security…from both operations and maintenance perspectives.

training team_webIn 2012, the main focus of the training was the Network Management System and this was delivered exclusively by the LSE Space Middle East team based in Dubai, UAE.
LSE Space were present in the project until the final phases including Arabic translations of technical documentation.
The training involved a large number of LSE engineers and supporting staff covering course development and delivery, training rig construction and maintenance and simulations.
The enormous coordination and management effort put into this international undertaking has proved the ability of LSE Space to handle international and multi-cultural projects in different environments and locations.

The project in numbers:
3 Countries we worked in: UK, Germany and UAE.
6 Cities we worked in: Stevenage, Portsmouth, Poynton, Wessling, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
9 Maximum number of training courses delivered in parallel.
12 Nationalities involved within the LSE Space Teams: Algerian, Moroccan, German, British, French, Romanian, Pakistani, Indian, Lebanese, Egyptian, Argentine and Spanish.
29 Staff involved.
32 Project duration in months.
223 Number of delegates trained.
999 Number of training days delivered.

Yahsat training team_web
The whole LSE Middle East team in their Dubai office.

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