24/7 satellite and ground segment operations.

LSE Space provides teams of staff to a wide array of customers to support Satellite and Ground Segment Operations on a 24/7 basis. These teams support a variety of mission types including Earth observation satellites, manned missions, geostationary telecommunication satellites and navigation constellations. The tasks undertaken by the teams encompass real time monitoring and analysis of telemetry during contact periods and the transmission of telecommands to the spacecraft. Our experts deal with daily operations and initiate anomaly handling and resolution.

Multi mission operations team.

LSE provided one of the first multi mission operations team in Europe. This approach provided significant efficiencies for the Customer such that four diverse missions were operated by a single operations team, pass by pass, day by day. The responsibilities of LSE Space included management of the team, satellite operations, training and certification of the staff. Our skill lies in the creation of robust and reliable operations teams for our customers which as a result create efficiencies.

Case history

Photo: DLR.