satellite operations engineering


Satellite operations.
LSE Space has more than twenty years of experience in the area of Satellite Operations Engineering. We cover the full mission range including manned space missions, Earth observation satellites, geostationary telecommunications satellites, navigation constellations, interplanetary satellites and astronomical missions.
Our engineers complete tasks throughout the operations spectrum, from the specification of system requirements to the validation and operation of the ground segment and operational procedures. 

Ground segment operations.
For ground segment operations, we manage and participate in the complete definition, preparation and testing of the ground based systems for operations including tests, simulations and rehearsals.
LSE Space provides experts to validate the mission planning systems of Earth observation satellites and also to operate these systems during routine operations, driven by user demands and spacecraft constraints.   

Case history

Science operations.
Since its formation in 1995 our fully owned subsidiary  Aurora has supported science operations at ESTEC in the Netherlands. Currently the team is concentrated at ESAC, near Madrid in Spain. We have contributed to nearly all astronomical and planetary missions in this time frame.
Aurora assists in the specification, development, validation and maintenance of bespoke science operation centres including mission planning systems, data processing of products, calibration and archiving. We also support the mission planning to ensure scientist teams optimize the use of the satellite resources including payload, power and telemetry in accordance with the operational constraints.