LSE Space Flight Dynamics Team supports Atlantic Bird 7, Eutelsat 21B, Eutelsat 70B and Eutelsat 3D LEOPs.

Our cooperation with Eutelsat started in 2009 with the LSE Space Flight Dynamics Team shadowing the KaSAT mission, launched at the end of 2010.

The following year, the successful live execution of the Atlantic Bird 7 LEOP Flight Dynamics set the first important milestone for LSE Space in the Flight Dynamics area. The project started in January 2011 and was completed on 3rd October 2011. The 5-engineer LSE Space Flight Dynamics Team operated from the French control centre in Rambouillet from launch until perfect orbit insertion, working in team with the Eutelsat staff.

In 2012 two further successful LEOP executions followed, respectively Eutelsat 21B in November 2012 and Eutelsat 70B in December 2012.

Eutelsat 3D was launched on 14th May 2013 with an ILS Proton Breeze M rocket from Baikonour in Kazakhstan. The LSE Space Flight Dynamics team supported Eutelsat at the control centre in Rambouillet during the operation. Following the lift off and 9hrs waiting time to separation, a nominal separation from the launch vehicle was confirmed. The following transfer to the geostationary orbit was performed according to plan with three apogee manoeuvres. On May 21st, the satellite was reoriented to its Earth pointing mode, concluding the 4th successful mission for the LSE Space Flight Dynamics team.

Eutelsat 3B satellite was launched on May 26th 2014 by a Zenit-3SL rocket operated by Sea Launch AG from the oceanbased Odyssey Launch Platform in the Pacific Ocean.

The new satellite replaced the Eutelsat 3D at 3° East, which was instead relocated to 7° East and renamed to Eutelsat 7B.


Flight Dynamics Team’s next milestones:


  • EUTELSAT 9B is currently planned to be launched in second half of 2015
  • EUTELSAT 8 WEST B is also currently planned for the second half of 2015



Eutelsat 3D

1) Launch of Eutelsat 21B satellite on 10th November 2012. Copyright: ESA, CNES, Arianespace.
2) Launch of Eutelsat 70B satellite on 3rd December 2012. Copyright: Sea Launch.
3) Launch of Eutelsat 3D on 14th May 2013. Copyright: International Launch Service (ILS)