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  • Sequence of Events Tool for LEOP operations for Eutelsat (2009)

A tool to display operational tasks, spacecraft events and ground station visibilities for the LEOP of geostationary communication satellites.

  • ATV Data Link Simulator for Astrium/ESA (2009)

The simulator plays back recorded TM and receives Telecommands from the ATV’s Mission Control System. It is used for testing and troubleshooting the complete TM and TC chains including the TM/TC baseband units. Read more.

  • Scheduling Software for providing ground station scheduling service to the German Aerospace Center (GSOC) (2001 – 2010)

The Scheduling Software is used by LSE Space staff to schedule spacecraft passes at all DLR’s ground stations and antennas as well requesting and scheduling passes with Ground Stations/Antennas of international partners.

  • TM distribution system for the Ground Segment of geostationary communications satellites for DLR (2008/2009)

An application that receives live telemetry parameters from the Mission Control System and forwards these via SNMP to a centralised monitoring system.

  • TM and TC database editor (SCOS-2000) for the German Aerospace Center (2008 - 2010)

A database editor that provides configuration and change management functionality.

  • GCTWeb: a web based operations portal for the Columbus Ground Controllers at the German Aerospace Center (2007 – 2010)

    A web application that provides all relevant information that is required for 24/7 operations of the Columbus Ground Segment.

  • SSP- The SLE Service Provider Software (2012)

       Related expertise.