Spacecraft Analyst

You will be required to configure the mission operational tools to support the operations. This task includes responsibility for the organisation, training and operational readiness of the Spacecraft Controllers. The operations are to be conducted according to established rules and procedures. 

This includes:

  • Set-up of S/C and operational data bases.
  • Implement tools needed to manipulate the databases as required.
  • Updating the data bases and performing maintenance of the data bases applying strict  configuration control procedures.
  • Conversion of industry provided databases into formats needed by the mission control system and operational tools.
  • Applying configuration control procedures for documentation in use for all operational tasks and duties under his supervision.
  • Imposition of the procedures.
  • Preparation of data base documentation.
  • Supervision of routine operations and any others authorised by the SOM, following established rules and procedures.
  • In case of ground or space segment anomaly providing first level contingency recovery support.
  • Introduction and maintenance of appropriate working practises and procedures for routine and problem reporting, data analysis, recording and maintenance of system status, recording of operational activities.
  • Support system maintenance activities.
  • Maintenance of a set of reference operational documentation and ensure operational changes are applied.
  • Analysis as required of system problems by collection and evaluation of appropriate data sets using the reporting and analysis tools available.
  • Collect information / data regarding the execution of the mission and provide inputs for the various mission reports.
  • Support data archiving and mission run down activities.
You will be required to familiarise with the procedures, tools and activities that are needed to perform the preparation and/or routine spacecraft control operations. If required for operational reasons, you should be able to take over the spacecraft controller tasks.

You shall become familiar with the mission and the control facilities and you may be required to develop and install suitable tools to allow the efficient execution of the operational tasks. You may be required to analyse the system operations and to prepare procedures, and you will certainly be involved in the validation and testing of both the control system and the operational procedures. You will take part either in routine phase or in pre-launch test campaigns and simulations, and arrange for the participation of the spacecraft controllers. You will conduct regular post-launch operational readiness training and simulations with controllers (proficiency training).
These tasks shall be performed during normal office hours, five days per week, with occasional shifts or overtime during special or critical activities such as pre-launch tests and simulations, launch campaign and LEOP, spacecraft anomalies.


  • A good background in a scientific or technical discipline is necessary, highly experienced in mission control.
  • In view of the supervisory task, experience in the field of spacecraft operations is required, together with a sound knowledge of ground station and communication systems.
  • The large involvement of this task in spacecraft and operational data base work requires a sound knowledge of commercial data base tools. A good knowledge in using MS-Office tools, such as MS-EXCEL and MS-ACCESS, Visual Basic, ORACLE and SQL are required. Programming skills are an advantage.
  • Knowledge of spacecraft control systems such as SCOS 2000 is highly desirable.
  • The testing and validation of operational systems and procedures requires the identification and preparation of test configurations e.g. simulator, control system, network and communication links etc. Knowledge of S/C simulators is an advantage.
  • Strong skills in system-minded thinking and working are required. You shall be able to conduct all operations in an orderly and disciplined manner, and shall work calmly and correctly under stress.
  • As all documentation is in English, fluency in English is mandatory.