Meteosat Satellite Operations Engineer (m/f/d)




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Darmstadt, Germany

Technical Requirements

LSE Space is looking for experienced Operations Engineers (m/f/d) in order to fulfill the duty of:

                          Meteosat Satellite Operations Engineer

for our customer EUMETSAT  in Darmstadt/Germany.

For our activities at EUMETSAT, we are currently seeking to employ highly motivated and enthusiastic Meteosat Satellite Operations Engineer to work in an exciting innovative international environment.

The Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) system is currently under development and it is expected to enter routine operations approximately one year after launch of the first MTG satellite, currently planned in late 2021. The MTG system is composed by six 3-axis stabilised satellites:

  • Four Imaging mission satellites (MTG-I1 to MTG-I4);
  • Two Sounding mission satellites (MTG-S1 and MTG-S2);

For MTG it is necessary:

  • to establish a dedicated Ground Segment and upgrade the existing Multi-Mission Infrastructure;
  • to support the MTG operations in parallel with the operations of the MSG system. Similarly, the whole of the operational baseline including the relevant Operational Static Data (OSDs) needs to be prepared by the MTG-OPIT team with extensive and direct contribution of the Meteosat Spacecraft Operations Engineers (SOE) team.

The team shall be involved in the operations of all Meteosat spacecraft, and all related ground segment and operational services, in the various operational scenarios including MTG transition from the pre-operational to the routine operations phase, including operational scenario validation testing (OSVs), support to the LEOP and commissioning. 

The Meteosat Satellite Operations Engineering Team shall contribute to: 

Preparation and execution of all relevant Meteosat operations:

  • Routine operations as well as special operations (commissioning, de-commissioning, technology tests, end-of-life and re-orbiting operations, support to LEOP operations as required);
  • Contingency recovery operations - All required interactions with other teams inside and outside EUMETSAT (e.g. IMPF, MPEF, FDS, DADF etc. and also RAL, IC for GERB operations and COSPAS-SARSAT for S&R);
  • Preparation and execution of the plan and schedule of the satellite operations in coordination with the others teams (including mission planning checks);
  • Support to satellite operations from the Main Control Centre in Darmstadt and when needed from the Backup Spacecraft Control Centre (currently located in Fucino);
  • On-call operations engineer rota, such that safe and efficient operations are ensured by the Spacecraft Operations Team on a 24/7 basis;
  • Interaction with all other operations teams such as for example the Monitoring and Control System (MCS), Mission Planning (MP), Flight Dynamics (FD), but also with external operational entities or services;
  • Operation of all satellite and components related to operations engineering for the platform, payload and instrument, including data handling, instrument parameter, On-board Software (OBSW) maintenance, as well as FDIR and operations security aspects.

Continuous monitoring of Spacecraft performance and status:

  • Analysing, trending and reporting on a routine basis the  spacecraft status and performances (e.g. at the daily morning meeting and weekly ops team meeting) using the tools indicated by EUMETSAT and notifying the TO in case of unexpected behaviours;
  • Preparation of Operations Reports and analysis of the satellite system performance;
  • Development , validation, maintenance of specific tool/script  identified  from operational needs; 

Operations preparation of the Meteosat Third Generation Satellites:

  • Contribution to the space segment and system reviews as required;
  • Review the Operational deliverables provided by industry (e.g. FOM, FOM procedures, TM/TC MIB Files) and contribute to their acceptance by EUMETSAT;
  • Preparation and execution of the Operational validation campaign and rehearsals in view of demonstrating the Operational Readiness before Launch;
  • Contribution in the role of user to the integration activities of the MTG Ground Segment components (e.g. MOF, SATSIM, etc.)and developing technical expertise of the facilities supporting the satellite operations;
  • Contribution to the MTG LEOP preparation and I/F aspects with the MTG system team; 
  • Production, verification, validation, maintenance and documentation of the operational baseline data units, (manual and automated procedures, TM/TC Database etc.). This includes:
    • Identification and preparation of new procedures and procedure updates required for MSG, MTGI and MTG-S satellites;  
    • Assistance on use of CF APEX procedure configuration tracking and validation tools/software;  
    • Contribution to review, production and maintenance of the operational guides and documents;
    • Contribution to Listening tests (LIT), Communication Confidence Test (CCT), System Validation Tests (SVT) and Operational Scenario Validation (OSV) tests preparation, procedures development and validation and execution of those tests;
    • Preparation of all relevant operations guides;
    • Contribution to the satellite simulator development and use including maintenance of its operations guide for both routine operations support and operations preparation;
    • Raising and tracking of Anomaly Reports, including investigations at subsystem level and regression testing of associated fixes and (depending on the programme phase) the necessary co-operation with the Project team at ESTEC and the satellite manufacturer;
    • Preparation of material for operations training and support to the training officer, for rehearsal of operations and for team proficiency training of the Spacecraft Operations Engineers as well as other members of the Control Centre Team (e.g. Analysts and Controllers) using the space and ground segment simulators and simulation;
    • Participation in any necessary meetings and reviews with external partners;
    • As requested contribution to review or preparation of documentation and participate to activities to enhance knowledge transfer across EUMETSAT geostationary missions;
    • Contribute as required to the MSG to MTG transition phase and to Full Operational Capability (FOC) operations build up;
    • Participate as requested to Component Health Analyses and Reporting Tool (CHART) development in liaison with the Spacecraft Operations Engineering Team members of other missions ( e.g. EPS-SG, Copernicus S-3). 


Academic Requirements

University degree in engineering (e.g. space or software engineering) or equivalent.


Specific Requirements


In addition to having a University degree (or equivalent in experience) in a relevant discipline, the team shall have a well-balanced and distributed experience in all following mandatory skills and each of the key persons shall have experience in at least two of these mandatory skills: 

  • Experience of Spacecraft Operations preferably on Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO), spinning and/or 3-axis stabilised spacecraft with responsibility for one or more platform subsystems or instruments during operational validation, LEOP, commissioning or routine operations phases;
  • Experience of Spacecraft Operations Preparation preferably on Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO), with responsibility on development and validation of operational baseline ( procedures, database etc.) including validation tools (e.g. S/C simulator) and ground segment M&C facilities;
  • Experience in satellite performance monitoring and reporting aspects including anomaly analysis and solving in liaison with satellite industry, procedure change control and configuration management processes; 
  • Experience in the operation or development of satellite ground segment facilities, in particular procedure development, monitor and control, mission planning, on-board software management, performance analysis, configuration management and simulator facilities. 
  • Furthermore, it would be a distinct advantage for the team to have experience with some of the following:
  • Experience of MSG CF and of SCOS2000 mission control systems and use of the APEX operations procedures preparation and execution tool;
  • Proven experience in the phases of LEOP and commissioning;
  • Specification of space system and operational concepts, facility requirements;
  • Familiarity with On-Board Control Procedure concepts;
  • Familiarity with the ECSS Packet Utilisation Standard, customisation and usage;
  • Familiarity with system change control and configuration management procedures;
  • Data analysis software packages and programming skills in other coding languages such as Python / Java etc.;
  • Use of VBA for development of ad-hoc tools in MS Office applications.

Strong data analysis, processing and synthesis skills are essential and an ability to recognise opportunities for improvements in areas of work and implement appropriate solutions is highly desirable.

The official languages of EUMETSAT are English and French. The working language for all the positions is English and therefore the key persons shall be able to work effectively in this language.


Background information


Note: Some travel within Europe may also be required. 

Benefits: A permanent employment contract. Competitive salary plus a comprehensive benefits package. Career path.

Security: In line with Asylum & Immigration Legislation, all applicants must be eligible to live and work in the EU. Documented evidence of eligibility will be required from candidates as part of the recruitment process. Furthermore, in view of the nature of the work the company is in, all potential employees will undergo stringent reference and identity checks.

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