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Galileo operations handover

Last week LSE Space teams of Spacecraft controllers, Spacecraft operations engineers and Ground operations engineers based at the DLR GfR Galileo Control Center supported the operations handover of the recently launched Galileo satellites. They will first perform IOT and commissioning. Afterwards, they will remain involved in the routine phase, taking care of maintenance and contingency operations, as they already do for the rest of the Galileo constellation.
The handover has taken place after a successful LEOP completion by CNES. On July 25th the last four satellites completing the Galileo fleet had been blasted off by an Ariane rocket from French Guyane. SSC also supported the LEOP with ground stations in Chile, Dongara, Hawaii, Kiruna and Yatheragga.
The Galileo constellation is almost complete now, allowing a 100% Galileo navigation service!


Ariane rocket blasted off from Kourou on July 25th, 2018.