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SSC hosts and arranges ESA Symposium in Visby
Next week 300 participants will gather at the 23rd ESA Symposium on European Rocket and Balloon Programmes and Related Research. Together with ESA (European Space Agency) and SNSB (Swedish National Space Board) SSC hosts and arranges the symposium, which will be held in Visby, a medieval town on Sweden's largest island Gotland. Decision makers, researchers, and administrators from over 20 countries will meet at the conference.

ESA Symposium is a biannual conference for scientists and engineers using sounding rockets and balloons for their research, and to advance the progress in the related scientific disciplines. It was initiated 1973 by the member states of EASP (Esrange Andöya Special Project), i.e. France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway and Sweden. The scope of the symposium also includes new developments in technology and improvements of rocket and balloon launching facilities as well as ground-based, aircraft, and satellite research, complementary to sounding rockets and balloons. The symposium also covers related Space education.

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From SSC Space Press Release, 08 Jun 2017.